Dianne, Ocean Shores, Northern NSW

DianneMy father was the youngest of nine children. Six of them, including him died of bowel cancer, before reaching 68. My mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 70 and is still getting the "all clear" at 77. My mother's youngest sister was diagnosed with bowel cancer at about 64 and died within four months of being diagnosed.

Because of my family history with bowel cancer, I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to submit this survey, so that essential research can be undertaken to understand why some families are affected and others not.

I would like this part of our family medical history, to end with my parents' generation. I don't want my children and future grandchildren, to have to carry this burden.. I would like every family affected by this scourge to be free of this burden

Thank you, thank you for setting up this survey and  for the ensuing scientific research.

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