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Dianne, Ocean Shores, Northern NSW

Dianne, Ocean Shores, Northern NSW

My father was the youngest of nine children. Six of them, including him died of bowel cancer, before reaching 68.

My mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 70 and is still getting the "all clear" at 77. My mother's youngest sister was diagnosed with bowel cancer at about 64 and died within four months of being diagnosed.

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Fiona, Bendigo VIC

Fiona, Bendigo VIC

My 15 year old daughter participated in Relay for Life 2016 with a group of school friends and returned home with a brochure for the ABC Study.

I registered for the study in the hope that we may see a future which no longer requires events such as Relay for Life because research will find a cure for this prevalent disease and therefore we will be walking alongside our friends and loved-ones rather than in their memory.

I hold hope that I may see this in my lifetime and therefore be able to say that one day I took the time to fill out some survey details which eventually contributed to a cure for a once incurable disease.

Gary, Batemans Bay NSW

Gary, Batemans Bay NSW

My mother died from breast and throat cancer at the age of 49. Her two brothers and sister also succumbed to cancer and all were under the age of 60.

I also have an uncle on my father's side who died of bowel cancer.

My main motivation for participating in the study is to hopefully provide information that may assist in protecting my children and future grandchildren from falling victim to this terrible disease.

Graham, Copacabana, NSW

Graham, Copacabana NSW

My wife passed away from breast cancer - metastasized to brain and liver. She was only 50. Diagnosed at age 46 she tried almost every conceivable cure possible. Valiant to the end she finally died peacefully in my arms.

Our experiences, hers as a sufferer, and me as a carer and supporter has made me very aware of other peoples concerns and worries when faced with a debilitating/disruptive/disease such as cancer.

Like others in this study I am happy to support any initiatives in research to help alleviate the burden of any health sufferers and their families in their moment of need.

Mary Jo, Melbourne VIC

Mary Jo, Melbourne VIC

My beloved aunt, godmother and professional mentor died, aged 49, after a 7-year battle with metastasized breast cancer. Robin was a vibrant teacher, interpreter, musician, photographer and vegetarian who exercised regularly. Why her? I've already had four years more of a wonderful life than she got. I can't believe that she missed out on so much, and I don't want anyone else's life to be curtailed like hers.

I am honoured to help my fellow Australians in fighting this pernicious disease.

Matt, Melbourne VIC

Matt, Melbourne VIC

My father passed away after a very rapid onset of Pancreatic cancer.

I am keen to help further the understand of the various cancers in any way possible to try to reduce the human suffering.

Rob, Bunbury, WA

Rob, Bunbury WA

I lost my best friend at 44 and my son-in-law at 37, both to brain tumours.

Taking part in this study is a way of honouring their memories, and of contributing to research which I hope will spare future generations the ordeal which all forms of cancer inflict on sufferers and loved ones alike.

Terrence, Mildura, VIC

Terrence, Mildura VIC

My brother has taken part,so I thought I would also.

If it helps somebody in the future,I'm glad to be a part of it.

Julie, Adelaide SA

Julie, Adelaide SA

The more information we have on people's genetic makeup the more we can understand the causes.

My father died of bowel cancer at aged 70, he was not one for seeing the Dr to get regular checkups & by the time he saw a Dr to look at his symptoms it had spread to his liver as well. He did some chemo which didn't help & he died 8 months after that. My siblings & I all had colonoscopies after that & interestingly my youngest brother was the only one with polyps which can be a precursur to bowel cancer later on.

Also in 2012, my then 26 year old son had emergency surgery for testicular cancer 6 weeks before his wedding in 2012 & has now been cancer free for 5 years & is now a father of a 23 month old healthy little boy!

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John, Echuca VIC

John, Echuca VIC

Dad died at 60 from a stroke and mum at 84 from Pancreatic cancer. I contacted a virus in my heart at 54 and have had annual visits in hospital since then for 16 yrs.

If I can make a difference for my grandchildren's quality of life that would be wonderful,as they have given me a zest for life too.

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