Participant Information

Those who have registered for the study agreed to the terms of the study as outlined in the Consent Form.

Participant information sheet:       online         download

Consent form:                                        online         download

To make an informed decision about participating in the ABC Study you should review the Participant Information Sheet and the terms outlined in the Consent Form. These can be viewed online or downloaded for your records.

Additional study components

Faecal sample

Participant Information Sheet:       online             download

Consent Form:                                        online             download

Accelerometer Study (pilot study complete)

Participant Information Sheet and consent:       online             download

If you have any questions, please contact the ABC Study team on 1800 688 419 or 

Note: Samples collected from 2014 through September 2018 were stored at the University of Melbourne’s Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory. In September 2018 GEL (now the Precision Medicine Biorepository, PMB) moved from the auspice of the University of Melbourne to Monash University.  All samples initially stored at the University of Melbourne were moved to Monash University. All samples will be stored indefinitely at PMB, Monash University. They will be stored securely and only Cancer Council Victoria and Monash University authorised staff will have access to them.

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