Blood sample

A small number of participants (10 - 20% percent) will also be invited to provide a blood sample, after they have completed the questionnaires and saliva sample. This sample will allow us to examine more than just DNA, such as the circulating hormones and vitamin and mineral levels in the blood. 

If we would like to get a blood sample from you, we will invite you via email, allowing you to select the collection centre that is the most convenient for you. You will not incur any costs for providing this sample.

To learn more about the blood sample, please read the Blood Sample FAQs.

Note: Samples collected from 2014 through September 2018 were stored at the University of Melbourne’s Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory. In September 2018 GEL moved from the auspice of the University of Melbourne to Monash University.  All samples initially stored at the University of Melbourne were moved to Monash University. All samples will be stored indefinitely at GEL, Monash University. They will be stored securely and only Cancer Council Victoria and Monash University authorised staff will have access to them.

Preferred pathology providers

Australian Clinical Laboratories Pty Ltd

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St John of God Pathology

St John of God Specialist Diagnostic Services


Dorevitch Pathology

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Gippsland Pathology


Abbott Pathology

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Laverty Pathology

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Sonic Healthcare including

Melbourne Pathology

Sullivan Nicholaides Pathology

Barratt & Smith Pathology
Capital Pathology
Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology
Southern IML

Clinipath Pathology

Clinpath Pathology

Hobart Pathology
Lanceston Pathology
North West Pathology




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