Jennifer, Watson ACT

Jennifer, Watson ACT

My beloved darling, Ross Eric Hughan, was given an extra five amazing years of life after being diagnosed with a very rare brain cancer. Those five years came from the cancer research that had already been done before his diagnosis.

The photo is a recent one (2015) of his beautiful children, now adults themselves.

Our children are a result of those extra five years - in which Ross married, fathered a beautiful son and a heroically amazing daughter; contributed to breakthrough research on climate change and was able to leave the world slightly better for being here. But he died just before turning 29 years old. If he had been diagnosed this year, the story may have been different - his tumour has been successfully treated so that may other patients who have been diagnosed and treated in the last few years are now hopeful of living for decades, if not a full lifespan. I am thrilled for the patients able to have their tumours treated and able to look forward to spending more time with their loved ones and especially their children – it’s a great achievement.

I am participating in this study as a way of saying thank you for those five extra years that Ross enjoyed amongst us and for the miracle of the birth of his two children.

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