Accelerometer Sub Study - FAQ's

Why have I been selected to participate in this sub-study?

Participants who have been selected to provide a blood sample are eligible to be selected for the Accelerometer Sub-Study. Once participants have provided a blood sample, a random sample are then invited to participate in the Accelerometer sub-study.

Participants are chosen to provide a blood sample either on the basis of your family history of cancer or to enable the study to have a collection of blood samples reflecting the distribution of sex in the Australian population. The ABC study seeks to understand the role that genetic and lifestyle factors play in the health and development of chronic diseases.

What will I be required to do?

Participants in the Accelerometer Sub-Study are asked to wear two physical activity monitoring devices for 7 consecutive days. This will enable the ABC study to obtain data on sitting/movement patterns and physical activity levels. The devices will be posted to you, and a return envelope will be included for you to post them back at the end of the 7 day study period.

How big are the devices and how do I wear them?

The hip/waist monitor (accelerometer).

The hip monitor is roughly the size of a match box and is worn on an elastic band on or above the right hip. The black button should be to the top, and the monitor should fit flat to the body. The device must remain upright to record correctly.  The monitor can be worn above or underneath clothes.

The hip monitor should be put on upon waking each morning, and taken off overnight. It is not waterproof, and should be taken off when showering, bathing or swimming. If the monitor is removed during the day, the times should be recorded in the diary.

The hip/waist monitor (accelerometer)

The thigh monitor (inclinometer).

The thigh monitor is roughly the size of a domino and attaches to centre front of the right thigh using an adhesive patch. The monitor is in a protective plastic covering (which should not be removed), and is marked with a red dot which should be to the top of the device when attached. The thigh monitor should ideally stay on for the whole 7 day study period, including overnight. The thigh monitor is waterproof and able to stay on during showers, however it must be removed prior to complete immersion in water, e.g. bathing or swimming. If the thigh monitor is taken off, the times should be recorded in the diary.

The thigh monitor (inclinometer)

The thigh monitor (inclinometer)

Can I wear them in the pool/surf?

No. Although the thigh monitor can be left on for showers, both devices need to be removed to prevent immersion in water e.g. bathing or swimming. If you plan to go swimming more than three times during the 7 day study period, or to do more than three intense workouts (sweat can cause the adhesive patch to detach), please let us know so we can include extra adhesive patches.  Please contact the ABC Study team on 1800 688 419 (free call within Australia) or

Do I wear them overnight?

The thigh monitor should be worn overnight, while the hip monitor will be taken off at bedtime and put on upon waking. The times the hip monitor is removed/put on should be recorded in the diary.

Do I need to turn the devices on?

No. The devices will already be initialised to start recording, you do not need to do anything to activate them.

I just received the devices but don't want to wear them straight away, can I wear them in a few weeks?

Unfortunately the devices need to be worn as soon as they are received as they have a limited battery life. Please indicate a suitable time to receive the devices on the online participation form. If you have already received the devices but cannot begin wearing them in the next 5 days, please contact the ABC Study team on 1800 688 419 (free call within Australia) or


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