Recruitment and data collection

Recruitment to the ABC Study began in October 2014 and closed in June 2018, with more than 80,000 Australian adults registering their interest online. Data collection ran from October 2014 until the end of 2018, with over 51,500 participants having completed the questionnaire and provided a saliva sample. Some participants were invited to also provide a blood sample and over 10,000 blood samples were donated between June 2015 and August 2018.

Participants completed three online questionnaires 

  1. The first was titled “Family History” and asked participants questions about cancers that had been diagnosed in their close relatives
  2. The second was titled “Health and Lifestyle” and asked participants questions about early life including childhood living arrangements and pet ownership, body size, smoking, health conditions, use of medications and daily activities. Women completed additional questions regarding pregnancies and menopause, if applicable.
  3. The third was tilted “Diet” and asked participants questions about their eating habits and alcohol consumption.

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