Julie, Adelaide SA

Julie, Adelaide SA

The more information we have on people's genetic makeup the more we can understand the causes.

My father died of bowel cancer at aged 70, he was not one for seeing the Dr to get regular checkups & by the time he saw a Dr to look at his symptoms it had spread to his liver as well. He did some chemo which didn't help & he died 8 months after that. My siblings & I all had colonoscopies after that & interestingly my youngest brother was the only one with polyps which can be a precursur to bowel cancer later on.

Also in 2012, my then 26 year old son had emergency surgery for testicular cancer 6 weeks before his wedding in 2012 & has now been cancer free for 5 years & is now a father of a 23 month old healthy little boy!

On my husbands side.. my mother in law had bowel cancer at 60 & had radiotherapy, but it reocurred 2 years later & she ended up with major surgery & permanent colostomy,but lived for another 25 years!

My father in law had a melanoma removed fron his leg at aged 84 but it reocurred 8 months later & had spread to his other organs & died 4 months later. Apparently his elder brother had died of melanoma too so obviously a genetic link there.

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