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Welcome to our 6th annual Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) Study newsletter. You joined the ABC Study by registering online at More than 56,000 of those who registered completed the online questionnaire and most (nearly 52,000) provided a saliva sample. Over 10,000 participants have also provided a blood sample.  

The ABC Study is a long-term cohort study to investigate the causes of cancer and other diseases. The information that you provide will help us gain a better understanding of the role that our genes, lifestyle and environment play in the development of cancer and other diseases.

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Study Progress

Last year we began the first round of follow-up, inviting those who took part in the study between 2014-2017 to complete a follow-up questionnaire. This will continue for other ABC Study participants on a rolling basis until the end of 2021, so that each participant is followed up approximately 3 years after enrolling in the study. Read more about follow-up, including the collection of faecal samples.

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How does a prospective cohort study work?

Prospective cohort studies, such as the ABC Study, start with a group of people who are generally healthy, assess a range of lifestyle factors, such as body size, diet and alcohol consumption and collect biological samples, and then follow them over time.

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Health 2020 in 2020

Health 2020 is a prospective cohort study first started by Cancer Council Victoria in 1990. It was the flagship research platform for the newly formed Cancer Epidemiology Centre at Cancer Council Victoria.

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COVID-19 and Cancer Council Victoria

Cancer Council Victoria aims to support the community as much as possible during this challenging time. Our cancer nurses are available for information and support and some staff have been seconded to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) COVID-19 Intelligence Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We answer some FAQs, including who should participate in the ABC Study follow-up and how to answer the physical activity questions while restrictions are in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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