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Percentage of participants by age group

Thank you for participating in the ABC Study

80,000 Australians have registered to take part in the study!

Of these, over 51,000 participants have submitted their questionnaire and saliva sample.

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Graham Giles

Catch up with Prof Graham Giles,
ABC Study Chief Investigator

Professor Graham Giles, Chief Investigator of the ABC Study and the Health 2020 study, discusses his career and the past, present and future of cancer epidemiology at Cancer Council Victoria.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I have the results from my DNA test?

Thank you for donating a saliva sample. It is going to be so valuable for our research. We now plan to extract DNA from your sample and use it to answer questions about the many roles that genes play in the development of cancer.

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Participant highlight - Robyn, Victoria

Robyn, from Victoria, participated in the ABC Study in the hope of contributing to research that will help anyone affected by all different types of cancers.

“We all need to help where we can to assist scientists beat this life changing horrible disease. It takes way too many good people in this world.” Robyn thought participating in the ABC Study was convenient and had the potential to make an impact.

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Rural Australians go the distance

We would like to thank those study participants (almost 10,000!) who have also provided us with a blood sample. Many of you come from rural areas and have travelled long distances to do so. We realise you have work, personal and family commitments... THANK YOU for your valuable time and tremendous support. We have enjoyed interacting with many of you via phone or email.

Melbourne Victory and Archie Thompson

The ABC Accelerometer Sub-Study

You may be invited to participate in the ABC Accelerometer Sub-Study.

The ABC Accelerometer Sub-Study aims to collect data on sedentary behaviour and physical activity by monitoring individual sitting, standing and walking habits. Improving our understanding of these habits will allow our researchers to examine how different patterns of sitting, standing and moving are related to various health outcomes, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes.

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